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Cerebral Escape Creations Stamp

Cerebral Escape Creations

Kory Renaud has always been a DIY’er but has now found a passion for woodworking. This hobby has expanded rapidly and he’s looking to share his creations with others. Each piece that is created is handcrafted using natural products and safe but durable finishes. 

Kory cares deeply for the environment so extra care is taken to not let any salvageable scrap go to waste; even the sawdust is reused as mulch for trees and gardens. Some creations are made entirely from scraps that would normally end up in the trash or fire pit. Kory is committed to donating a portion of any proceeds to environmental stewardship and replanting efforts so that the resources he uses can be replenished.

So why the name Cerebral Escape Creations? For Kory, this is a hobby and an escape from the day-to-day. It’s a way to clear the mind and create long-lasting pieces for others to enjoy.

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